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VOX ToneLab EX

VOX ToneLab EX

Designed specifically for the stage !

Designed specifically for the stage, the ToneLab EX is a powerful and flexible tonal palette that provides players with an array of authentic tube amp sounds, dozens of premium quality effects, and 200 ready-to-use professional programs. Once you’ve got your sounds dialed in, save them in one of the 100 available presets and easily recall them at your next show.

Key Features:
- 12AX7 tube-driven Valve Reactor Technology
- 33 accurate amp models, 11 cabinet models, 25 top-quality effects
- 200 ready to use presets; Aux input, USB connectivity, on-board chromatic tuner

VOX Valvetronix products are renowned for their realistic amp sounds. The Valve Reactor circuitry uses a real 12AX7 vacuum tube to create that true-tube tone. With new performance elements added especially for live use, the ToneLab EX is the latest VOX multi-effect pedal to inherit the sound of the Valvetronix series. Expanding on the powerful Valvetronix amp and cabinet models you're already familiar with, the ToneLab EX now provides 11 stand-alone distortion pedals. These distortion pedals can be used in place of one of the amp head models, providing a truly diverse range of tones to cover many musical styles. Following the cabinet models, the ToneLab EX features a full complement of spatial-type effects such as modulation, reverb, and delay allowing you to complete your guitar sound without requiring any other equipment. A full-sized VOX expression pedal ensures stability while performing. The intuitive Stomp Box mode places six effects on a virtual pedal-board at your feet, with real stomp-box control! The ToneLab EX is the perfect live-performance solution for any guitarist's multi-effect needs.

VOX ToneLab EX Specifications

Amp models: 33
Cabinet models: 11
Effect types: 44
- 11 Stand-alone distortion-type pedal models (use in place of an amp model)
- 4 Pedal-style effects (Pedal 1)
- 11 Pedal-style effects (Pedal 2)
- 11 Modulation-style effects
- 4 Delay effects including Tap Tempo delay
- 3 Reverb effects
Noise reduction: 1
Total equalizer: 1 (available only when Amp/Line switch is set to Line)
Programs: 200 (25 x4 preset, 25 x4 user)
Audio input: INPUT jack, AUX IN jack
Audio output: OUTPUT/PHONES jack (stereo/mono dual use), LEVEL knob, SPEAKER LEVEL knob, AMP/LINE switch
USB: USB connector (Type B)
Speaker: 1 inch x2
Power amp output: approx. 0.6 Watts
Tuner: Detection range: A0-E6 (27.5Hz-1,318.5Hz), Calibration: A=438-445Hz
Other: DC12V connector, STANDBY switch
Signal processing: A/D conversion 24-bit, D/A conversion 24-bit, Sampling Frequency 44.1kHz
Power supply: 12V DC
Power consumption: 700mA(12V)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 394 x 238 x 72 mm
Weight: 3.0 kg
Included items: AC adapter (DC12V)

VOX ToneLab EX

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